Introducing the Strong Password Generator plugin for WordPress

Today I released the Strong Password Generator plugin for WordPress. Last week I released a plugin called Expire Passwords which is meant to harden site security by requiring certain users to change their passwords on a regular basis. The plugin got some early users straight away, one of whom suggested that it might also be nice to give users a way […]

Introducing the Expire Passwords plugin for WordPress

Today I released a new plugin for WordPress called Expire Passwords. This latest product is a continuation on my streak of other plugin releases that also deal with the topic of user session security. The idea here is pretty simple. If you have registrations open on your WordPress site, chances are there is a decently-sized group of […]

How to connect Apple TV to a hotel Wi-Fi network

Whenever I take an extended vacation I always bring along the Apple TV. At the end of a long day filled with adventure and fun it’s nice to unwind with your favorite show on Netflix or rent a new release comedy. I’ve found that hotel television is still so primitive and annoying. The on-demand movie […]

How to hide your WordPress version number…completely

Did you know that your WordPress version number is visible to everyone? As Matt Mullenweg rightly pointed out several years ago, simply hiding your WordPress version number is not enough by itself to stay protected from potential threats (you should always be keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date). But perhaps you have a client who has […]