Introducing the Strong Password Generator plugin for WordPress

Today I released the Strong Password Generator plugin for WordPress.

Last week I released a plugin called Expire Passwords which is meant to harden site security by requiring certain users to change their passwords on a regular basis.

The plugin got some early users straight away, one of whom suggested that it might also be nice to give users a way to generate a strong password, making it even easier to reset it when prompted.

What a great idea! So great, in fact, that I thought it could really be a standalone feature and plugin in it’s own right.

After a little research, I couldn’t find an existing plugin that provided the experience I was envisioning. So I built one myself.


Know the purpose of your product and listen to early adopters. You might discover a completely new idea just waiting to branch off into it’s own product for users to love.




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  1. That’s a great plugin! Do you think it’d be a good idea to have an option to generate memorable strong passwords?

  2. Good stuff with integrating the generator internally, timely as well with future WordPress 4.3 concentrating on stronger password usage

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